12 Reasons Glamping Is the Future of Hospitality

Someone once told me that one day in nature is as restful as three days sitting around the house. I couldn’t agree more, and glamping is the perfect way to stay in nature.

Glamping is 100x the experience of a traditional hotel

When done well, glamping is an outdoor boutique hotel, incorporating great design and courteous service, all in an unforgettable natural destination. What do you do at a traditional hotel? Open your laptop, turn on CNN, and have an entirely unremarkable evening. It has all the connectivity of home, without any of the comfort or community.

While hotel brands fight commoditization and inch toward the experiential realm, glamping is at the forefront of experiential hospitality, and on the bucket list of most travelers.

High-end glamping is experiential hospitality built on the following pillars:

  1. Location, location, location: beautiful natural settings

  2. Fresh air

  3. Beautifully designed accommodations that are nicer than your home (or so guests say)

  4. Community: it’s easy to make friends when you share a common experience

  5. Fresh air

  6. Campfire and s’mores: a campfire is nature’s reality TV...so captivating you can’t look away

  7. Disconnected environment that encourages putting down a cell phone to talk to humans and experience nature

  8. The night sky, no moon: stare at the Milky Way and shooting stars (they’re always out there). After hundreds of nights glamping, this is the one element that never gets old, or fails to captivate me

  9. The night sky, full moon: let the moon illuminate your path (no flashlight needed). Seeing the subtle light of a moonlit glamping site can be life-changing

  10. Sunrise/sunset: The golden hour is magical in a mundane setting, let alone at a spectacular locale

  11. Fresh air

  12. Outdoor activities: hiking, swimming, bike rides, kayaking and standup paddleboarding

Have you gone glamping? Did you like it?

Why do you think the glamping trend is growing so fast?

David Levine