13 easy ways to make your hotel experiential

What is better than good online hotel review? A guest that raves to friends and coworkers about your hotel. But what is the secret sauce to generate this enthusiasm?

The #1 thing our glamping guests say at checkout is, “we wish we had booked a longer stay!” Guests never book with us because they need a place to sleep. They book for the experience we offer.

How do we garner such enthusiastic guests that rave to friends and coworkers about your hotel?


  • Design, design, design. Hire the best designer you can to make the most impactful design improvements possible

  • Outdoor space. Today’s hotel guests want to be outside in a well designed outdoor space

  • Bring guests together. Offer a mixer with complimentary hors d'oeuvres, or a free glass of champagne

  • Have a campfire (or fireplace). Surround it with beautiful, comfortable furnishings

  • Offer s’mores. Our glamping guests get very excited about s’mores, all for $10 in food cost

  • Offer great (free) amenities: Buy a few bikes or kayaks and let guests use them for free

  • Optimize your space for views. I am regularly shocked at hotels that don’t do this. Guests can look at each other when they get home. Orient spaces to the view as much as possible

  • Recommendations. Make sure your concierge has first hand experience with the top 5-7 activities near your hotel, and can turn them into an itinerary for guests

  • Stack as many great amenities together as possible. Do this right and your guest’s will plan their next stay before they leave


  • Don’t overlook hospitality basics: Safety, cleanliness and amazing service are the foundations of hospitality

  • Don’t charge for water (and other inexpensive amenities). Our glamping tour guests used to remark, “I haven’t taken out my wallet all week!” Experiences are more immersive when you aren’t signing a credit card receipt

  • Don’t be out of touch with your guests. The owner and your manager need to talk to as many guests as possible to accentuate what guests love and fix what they don't

  • Don't hand out a paper with recommendations without going through the options with guests

Get better reviews, more bookings and a higher ADR by making your hotel more experiential.

What steps has your hotel made to be experiential?

What effects did they have?