This hotel refuses to offer Wi-Fi

We do not offer wifi or television at our glamping hotels. (Clutch your pearls in shock.)

Our goal is to get people to disconnect from devices, if only for a night. While they are at it, hopefully they spend time with loved ones and make new friends.

It is undeniably hard to put down our phone/table/computer, but what do we stand to gain from such a bold move while glamping?

  • Taking a deep breath of fresh air

  • Staring at the Milky Way

  • Waking up to the ocean, not your Instagram feed

  • Hawks, bluebirds, woodpeckers and cardinals

  • Trees and flowers

  • Woodchucks, goats, deer and chipmunks

  • Sunrise and sunset

  • Whales and dolphins

  • Talking to the person you came with

  • Making new friends

  • Going for a hike

  • Riding a bike

  • Stillness

We choose locations with cell service as connectivity provides needed comfort.  But many guests take the unplugged suggestion, turning their phones to airplane mode, using it only for pictures.

What could you gain without Wi-Fi for one night?