Is glamping real camping?

A debate is raging. It is more divisive than anything in Washington. It is a question I have heard since I got into glamping in 2014.

Is glamping real camping?

My answer: I don't care.

I operate luxury glamping hotels to get people outdoors, and support anything that accomplishes this goal.

For many of my guests, glamping is the only way they feel comfortable in nature.

Someone once told me one day in the great outdoors provides as much rest as 3 days off and the city. The National Institute of Health agrees. And According to the EPA, “people spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors”. This makes getting outside all the more important. So if it's glamping, car camping, RVing, spending time at a tiny home, going for a hike or going to the beach, it is all great and leads to better mental health.

This is why glamping is more than a passing is a new, more luxurious way to connect with nature. And as more people experience relaxation and make lifelong memories, the trend will become a third lodging category that is distinct from camping and hotels, and yet the perfect hybrid of the two.

Glamping operators are not curing cancer or saving lives in the ER, but they give rest to those who do.

So feel free to say glamping is not real camping. But know it improves people's lives.