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The Glampique Furnished Tent fosters meaningful experiences for you and your loved ones to enjoy for years to come.

When we spend time in nature, we put down our phones and disconnect from the noise. We feel the sun on our skin, breathe fresh air and hear the birds sing. We remember the people in our life that matter most. We reflect on what brought us to this moment, and remember where we are headed.

In the evening we break bread and are awed by the sunset. We enjoy s’mores by the campfire and see the Milky Way again for the first time. The Glampique Furnished Tent was curated for this experience, offering stylish decor that protects us from the elements while keeping us immersed in the outdoors.



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connect with nature

in stunning, modern decor

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less expensive than cabins and vintage trailers

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Glampique handles sourcing, delivery and set-up

The Glampique team has been in the glamping industry since 2014 and can help you make your property a glamping paradise.